Since our inception, The Change has been totally focused on helping support and fund Innovation.

Our Team are Technical and Strategic Experts tasked with identifying your innovations to unlock maximum funding.

We can unlock up to a €5Mio windfall

(€1Mio per annum over a 5year period, retrospectively from 2020)


Gavan Wall, LLB


Experienced Lawyer and Serial Entrepreneur. Responsible for building business opportunities Internationally and across sectors.

​Evangelical about client experience and always there to enhance new client journey.

Andrew Cuthbert Bsc, MBA


Serial Entrepreneur having developed over £1BN in products. Extensive working knowledge of IP & Tech in both early stage and corporate businesses.

Mastermind of both inventions and innovations and applies this rigorously on commercial projects & Innovation Funding internationally.

Dr. Peter Boras, PhD

Managing Director at The Change Germany & Partner

Serial Entrepreneur experienced in driving innovations for globally most recognized corporations & Start-ups. PhD in Robotics & AI, Founder of RoboticsX, MIT Tutor, Awarded CEO for robotics in 2020.

Chika Yamamoto


Cross-border market success and open innovation strategist for global corporations and startups. Advisor and mentor to several municipal innovation initiatives between Japan and Germany, including Ambassador for #AsiaBerlin and ShibuyaStartupSupport.

Claus Nielsen


Chief Executive with 20+ years of global experience in strategy, funding, marketing, operations, technology, and digital transformation across various industries.

John Shannon FCMA, MBA

Innovation Accounting

Former CFO of big data company Blue Metrix. Experienced R&D professional and is a member of HMRC’s R&D group. John was one of the first finance professionals to apply the knowledge box in the Republic of Ireland and is experienced in strategy surrounding management and co-ordination of R&D tax claims.

Tara Sam BA, MIB

Senior Ops Executive

Certified Scrum Master with experience in agile working environments.

Instrumental in leading exceptional client journey from onboarding, project pathway to submission.

Lee Ali, Bsc

Senior R&D Tax Consultant

Lee has 7years experience specialising in R&D. He liaises with clients helping creative narratives, and collating key documents for R&D Tax claims to maximise the opportunity. Loves to get under the hood of client companies!

Gabby Feldhordt, BBA

Innovation Technical Executive

Focal point in final sign-off & translation of client claims.

Key liaison & relationship builder with BSFZ including assisting Management Team predicts future Forschungszulage policy changes.

Sarah Doyle, BA

New Service Lead

With more than a decade’s experience in Healthcare, Innovation and Transformation at a senior and strategic level Sarah brings a wealth of experience to support our clients across the range of services we provide to develop, grow and maximise their innovations.

David Hanna, MSc & PhD Research

Circular Economy & Renewables lead

David began a PhD in 2018 investigating how decision makers can support SMEs in adopting Circular Economy practices and principles.

Awarded BSc in Business with Computing, and an MSc in Business and Information Innovation from Ulster University.​