Our 5 Step Process to success

1. Initial Assessment Call

We carry out an introductory call to outline Forschungszulage and explain our process. After this initial call we will have a good understanding of your Forschungszulage opportunity.

2. Contract

When you are ready we will enter into an NDA and Agreement to cover every aspect of our collaborative work together.

3. Design Sprints

Usually we have a 1 hour innovation design sprint every 3weeks. This is an iterative approach, where we will benchmark and score every aspect of your innovative work. We identify a future strategy in line with the Frascati principles which underpin Forschungszulage until we are ready to submit to the BSFZ which administers the scheme. This process takes 3months.

4. Submission

We support through every stage of the submission process. We also help prepare Gantt charts for clients and documentation which needs to be submitted. We deal with any queries the BSFZ may have as part of their assessment of the suitability of your Application for funding support.

5. Ongoing Support

Once approved by the BSFZ we provide full support for the next stage which is submission on an annual basis to the Finanzamt. Most Steuerberaters are not conversant with the FZulG process so we provide full support around the separate Elster portal, on payroll and for filling your actual claim to ensure you receive your funding in a timely manner.