Innovation Experts

On January 1st, 2020, the law on tax incentives for research and development FZulG was introduced. The law supports innovative companies to invest in their innovations. FZulG / Forschungszulage is similar to schemes in other countries which have had Innovation Funding schemes for over 30years.

From January 2020 each company can claim up to €1Mio per year, made up of 25% eligible staff costs and 15% of eligible contractor costs in the EU.

We deliver oversized and hassle-free Forschungszulage outcomes for our German clients due to the following reasons:-

  • Experience Internationally across x13 countries
  • We are a Team of Innovation Experts helping build your Innovation Strategy
  • We are technologists, innovators, founders, and scientists delivering a technical and strategic approach to maximize your opportunity
  • Our process requires less of your valuable time as our Team of experts prepares everything for you
  • We benchmark, develop and finalise your submission
  • We focus on delivering multi-year approvals for future years as well as back-claiming from January 2020. Our average length of approval is 5years.
  • As little as 6 hours of your time for submission of a Forschungszulage claim. Our unique process of preparation, benchmark & submission slashes the client time required..
  • We do this through our bespoke Strategic Innovation Sprints, identifying innovation, unlocking new opportunities and including additional allowable spend to maximise this opportunity.
  • By working closely with your executive team and technical staff, we can extract the real value of innovation being carried out by your company.
  • All of this leaves an auditable trail that your Steuerberater can follow and integrate into your wider tax strategy, and we will work with your Steuerberater to deliver the funding and this additional benefit.

Innovation Strategy

Our aim is to identify your core novelty, which we do by deploying the systematic approaches detailed in Frascati

We support you through the entire FZulG process, including working with your Steuerberater until you receive the funding from the Finanzamt.

In Germany, it’s not just the costs of the ‘men in white coats’ or the scientists, who are eligible FZulG includes social science too, so your innovative marketing and sales approaches can also be claimed.

We will do all the preparation, defining your long-term innovation goals, to get you pre-qualified for up to €5Mio over 5years, which is our average length of approved project.

Remember, there is zero risk and zero cost unless we are successful.


  • IT, Software & Telecoms
  • Circular Economy, Renewables & Energy
  • Data, GDPR, AI
  • MedTech, Laboratories & Pharma
  • Smart Factories, Engineering, IoT
  • Communications & Entertainment
  • FinTech, ​Financial & Professional Services
  • Smart Buildings & Architecture
  • Design & Engineering
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • LegalTech & Business Services
  • Resources & Infrastructure

Your Benefits

Each company is entitled to €5Mio over 5years to help drive innovative projects, back-dated to January 2020.

It does not matter whether you are profit making or loss making while scaling, the benefit is the same.

At The Change, we do this work at ZERO RISK to you as we work on a SUCCESS FEE ONLY basis.